My hopes, dreams and goals for 2022.

• I look forward to closing on our house and moving in, hopefully in January if things go well.

• I hope to make progress on opening some sort of dog and cat boarding facility, or if that doesn’t work out (on the facility end), perhaps I can set up some appropriate kennels in our yard and board or do doggy daycare there. I want to be able to make a contribution to our home finances and to the community.

• I want to fill our home with houseplants, and watch them thrive.

• I want my marriage to get back on track and for Jarrod and I to be happy again, not only for us, but for Felix as well.

• I want to be able to give Felix a little sibling, and the health to allow it to happen.

• I want the whole year, overall, to be filled with prosperity, happiness, love, and peace.