Friday, May 1, 2020

For years I have been talking about moving away from Iowa. When I was quite a bit younger, in my early 20s, I even attempted it a couple times. But my plans were always half-assed, and I was never quite aware of all the planning and preparation it took to move far away. That ignorance got me into a couple of predicaments, and I always ended up back in Iowa with the help of my mom.

However, a few years ago I visited Florida and I knew then and there, for absolute certain, I was not meant to stay in Iowa. I fell in love with the trip halfway across the country, and especially with the ocean. At that time I had decided I would move to Florida at some point, I just didn’t know when. I had a job and a relationship and family tying me to Iowa at the time, and no real opportunities at my destination. So I stayed put and planned.

When Jarrod and I started planning our future together, before we even said “I do,” we agreed that we would move away. I had said Florida, but he expressed how much he didn’t like the climate down there. Over the last two years or so we have been discussing just where we may want to go. The idea of North Carolina came up because of the trip we took to get my tubal reversal surgery. While we were there we explored Raleigh a little bit, and we really felt at home there. The weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful, and there was plenty to do. We looked into a few other locations around the country too, including where we got married near Denver, CO, and of course a little bit around Florida and Georgia… and even other places in Iowa. But after serious consideration of our options, we landed on moving to North Carolina.

We knew we were going to move either this year, 2020, with the help of our tax returns, or in 2021. Jarrod and I both started looking for job opportunities, and I started looking into rental housing. He submitted a few applications just to get a feel for the area, and I continued to look into rental prices, neighborhoods, schools, and other needs and desires we have in a place we’d like to call home. And as if it were meant to be, Jarrod got a serious job offer making more than he could make here, and I found a rental house that suits our family at an affordable rate, both at the same time.

As Jarrod moved forward with his phone interviews, and we moved forward with our live video tour of the house we had chosen, it became clear the move was going to happen sooner rather than later. It was just a matter of arranging the actual move and letting our family and friends know it was going to happen.

I told my older boys first, since they are to go along. All three of them are okay with it, and even excited to go. Then I told my mom and a couple of my friends, and Jarrod told his family. And finally I announced it on social media for our online friends. While I was met with congratulations, encouragement, and offers to help us out however possible from my family and friends, Jarrod was met with skepticism and doubt from his family. He was showered with resentful comments about pulling away from his family, and questions about his motives and preparedness, as though this wasn’t a decision that was thought through or planned out.

Through it all, we chose to accept the encouragement and leave the rest. Rest assured, years of thought and planning has gone into this decision. It is not something we are taking lightly or doing on a whim. All our bases are covered as far as income and jobs, housing, utilities, and a network of other parents who are ready and willing to guide us in the right directions as far as medical and educational needs for the kids. Not to mention the fact that we are grown adults and are able to figure things out on our own as well.

Anyway, the point to all this? We are very excited to announce that this month we are moving from Iowa, our lifelong home, to North Carolina. And we will only be a couple hours drive away from the beach! We are ready and excited to start this new chapter of our lives. That doesn’t mean we are leaving anyone behind. We are just looking forward and following new and greater opportunities. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, any and all of our friends and family members are always welcome to visit us. Of course we will visit when we can, as well. And we can all keep in touch through social media, texting, and phone calls in the meantime, just as we do now. I’ll keep this blog updated as we go about life in our new place, and no one will need to miss a thing.