Sunday, May 30, 2020

Saturday, May 16th at around 4pm, the driving crew set out from Iowa to drive to our new home in North Carolina. Jarrod, Andy, Cory, Amber C & Amber DC, and their friend Sheila all got into one of our cars and the U-Haul truck (towing our other vehicle), and took off. Amber DC kept in touch with me along the way, letting me know status updates periodically about the kids and the dog. Jarrod let me know every time they entered a new state.

Saturday night I had planned on staying at my mom’s house with Evan and Felix. However, things didn’t work out quite as planned, so Evan ended up staying at a friend’s house, and I ended up staying with a different friend. Felix did fine overnight, for the first night ever spent away from home. And the next morning we got ready, and my mom picked up us, and then picked Evan up, and took us all to the airport in Des Moines. It was a tearful good-bye, and very hard to walk away from my mom. I knew she and I would miss each other miserably. After many hugs and tears, we parted ways and we were on our way to our gate.

We flew from Des Moines, IA to Charlotte, NC. And then we switched planes and flew from Charlotte to Raleigh, NC. It was the first time Evan ever flew, and he swears he will never do it again. He was not impressed. It was also the first time Felix flew, and he did amazingly well. He didn’t cry or complain in any way except for about the last 10 minutes of the first flight, and that was because he was just bored at the end of that 2 hours on my lap. The second flight went very well too.

It took the driving crew about 25 hours to make it all the way to our new house. Once our flight landed in Raleigh, we had to wait about an hour for Jarrod to get the U-Haul parked at our new house and take a car to pick us up. It was so great to be able to see him again after being apart for a little over 24 hours.

When we pulled up, the house looked exactly as it did in the pictures. However, going inside and looking around, it was a bit dank. It smelled musty, as though no one had lived there for a few months or so. There was a bunch of junk on the back deck like old interior doors and broken blinds. The lawn was long and neglected. The place wasn’t very clean. I was pretty unhappy, feeling like I made a mistake in choosing this house for our family home. However, over the following few days, Jarrod and I cleaned and tidied and arranged our belongings in a way that has really made it come together as our home.

Now that we’ve been here for a couple of weeks, Jarrod and I are both much happier. Besides a handful of boxes left to unpack, we have everything where we want it to be. Coming from such a large house into one that is considerably smaller, we had to make some adjustments. For starters, we had to rent a storage shed for quite a few of our belongings that simply won’t fit into this house. Our dining table was far too large for our current diningroom, so we had to put it in storage and buy a smaller one (used). We weren’t able to bring any living room furniture with us in the U-Haul, so we are doing a rent-to-own deal for a sectional couch. Most everything else we needed I was able to find for free or very cheap on Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.

Jarrod has started his general manager training for the restaurant where he was hired. He will be training for a few weeks, and then he will be managing his own store. I am still in the process of getting Evan and Cory enrolled in school, and finding a pediatrician and PT for Felix. Some of that depends on government and school offices opening up again.

I’ve been a little lonely with Jarrod working full time already. But I know this is a temporary thing. Eventually life will be able to resume and I’ll be able to set up play dates for Felix again. And in so doing, I’ll be able to make some mom friends locally. I really look forward to that. In the meantime I’m just finishing up the paperwork and registration for all the boys and their various needs. I’m making our house feel more and more like our home. And I’m just living our normal life here in North Carolina. It doesn’t really feel like we are so far away from what we’ve always known. The biggest difference is that I can’t see family and friends. But I know they will visit us here, and we will visit in Iowa as well.