Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I had a dream the night before last. I was in the ocean, far away from any land, and the skies and waters were stormy. I was being thrown back and forth, front to back, and flipped almost in circles. I had no power to stop it. Once I realized that and relaxed, knowing I would not be hurt, I realized I was in a pattern and started to anticipate the next movement. Once I learned that, my world zoomed out and I saw the orbit pattern of the moon around the earth. Then the earth around the sun. Then the sun around the center of the galaxy or a black hole. Once I got so far away that everything looked like stars with orbit lines in between, I got scared about how far I was away from my home. As soon as I got scared, I was awake with a few moments of sleep paralysis. The intensity of the dream kept me away for about an hour before I was able to relax and go back to sleep.

Today I looked up google images of ocean waves patterns vs orbital patterns in space. I believe the beginning of the dream with ocean waves was just a way for my mind to relate something familiar to something I would learn. The ocean waves go in the pattern of orbit in real life, but in the dream it was just showing me the motion of the orbital patterns of string theory in a physical way I could feel it and absorb the knowledge. The renderings that looked like my dream were those explaining string theory. String theory says that we live in a universe with at least 10 dimensions....

When I had Evan I believed I was being communicated with by extra terrestrials or spirits. I wasn’t sure which. I had black out moments and moments where I was sure I was seeing and hearing a room full of people. I thought I was going crazy. But now, after learning what I did from the dream and the research to figure out the purpose, I think the lesson here is that I can see/communicate and possibly even travel across dimensions in some way. I’m absolutely fascinated.