Sunday, June 3, 2018

Time to make an appointment with my OB to confirm implantation location. I’m on heavy antibiotics for my breast that is NOT pregnancy friendly. I also have an appointment with Dr Kumar at the Center for Infectious Disease in Des Moines on Wednesday. We will find out what I can do for the infection while I’m pregnant.

Besides the complications with my health though, HOW AMAZING!!! Jarrod wasn’t even supposed to be able to get me pregnant yet! 😮 His sperm was only heads and no tails at his surgery on May 16th. Apparently they grew tails quickly! I am really hoping this baby is in the right place and “sticky” even through the recovery of my infection. It’s crazy because the day I ovulated I just knew I was pregnant. But I was in denial because we were told by doctors it wasn’t really possible yet. I had a negative test on Wednesday after I got the antibiotics so I started them. But then this morning, there’s the positive!

This is a blessing. Even if this ends up being a tubal or unkeepable in some way, at least we know we are very fully capable of conception. 😁