Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It has been two whole months. Two months since my husband and I tied the knot after being together for only 8 days. And two months since I had my final weight loss related surgery.

I couldn't possibly ask for a better husband and example of a real man for my boys. I knew immediately when we confessed our feelings to each other that he would be my forever, and that feeling has only gotten stronger every single day since then. He's the best friend I've ever had! We lay awake at night and talk about everything. We intend often to watch TV or a movie, get housework done together, or take care of other errands, and often it gets put on the back burner to our conversations, or the conversations continue through it all. We are attached at the hip and prefer to do anything we need to do, together. We even prefer to work the same shifts together at work, just to be in each other's presence. We understand and are comfortable with each other on the deepest level. I've honestly never felt anything like this before, and it's the best! He is wonderful with my kids, and they become more and more open to him each day. His kids are pretty awesome as well, and I love how our family is blending. Jarrod is my heart, my soul, my life. This is my forever, and I couldn't be happier or more content.

As far as my surgical recovery and body image goes, I'm quite satisfied now! I started my weight loss journey in January of 2016 at 270 pounds. Around summer of 2016 I had already lost enough weight to disqualify myself from bariatric weight loss surgery by getting down to around 230 pounds. I had changed my lifestyle enough to take off the weight myself, by eating less fat and carbs, more protein, and cutting out sugary soda. Then once I reached about 225 pounds I qualified for skin removal surgery, and got approved for my Panniculectomy (tummy tuck) in March 2017, which is when it was done. I wasn't satisfied with the results as it healed because I still had quite a bit of sag, my bellybutton was off-center, and a couple other details I was dissatisfied with. So when I had my breast reduction and lift on September 1st, I was able to get my tummy tuck revised. Now it's been two months since I had that last surgery, and though nothing is perfect, I am VERY satisfied with my results. I am now hovering right around 200 pounds, and still want to lose about 15. I haven't had the willpower to just buckle down and take off that last 15 yet, but I know I will and am not too concerned with it anyway. I'm happy with the way I look now, with the way my clothes fit, and with my appearance in the mirror, naked. Really, I feel I just need to tone up now. I'm very proud of myself for having come this far without bariatric surgery. And I plan to continue this healthier lifestyle forever. I NEVER want to gain that weight back. I have so much less body ache and pain now, I am more flexible and don't lose my breath going up and down stairs, I have more stamina and am all around a much happier person. I love it!

Two months since my life made some permanent changes for the better. I am so happy to have had these opportunities come to me, and to have been able to grab ahold of them. I am so happy with my life!