Saturday, September 2, 2017

Throughout my life I have involved myself in a few romantic relationships. Some seemed good at first and withered. Some were bad from the start but I settled anyway. Some were out of loneliness or desperation. Some were out of boredom and the desire for company. But ultimately, none of them worked out in the long run.

There's that saying "someday someone will come along that will make you understand why it never worked out with anyone else." I always wanted to believe that, but thought it to be a fantasy; an inspirational quote to keep people's spirits up. Until it happened to me.

And now, now there's this guy Jarrod, and he's like no one I've ever met before. It started off very casually, working together and associating with each other only at work. But as time went on, we talked more and more during our shared shifts. We discovered through our conversations that we have been through a lot of the same troubles in relationships, parenting, just life in general. We discovered that we have the same beliefs on the big things, like religion and politics. We share a very similar parenting style, with a great love and appreciation for our children and family.

Then we started talking and spending time together outside of work, which is where things started to move very quickly. Days have blended together, nights have flown by, just talking and discussing our lives, and finding strong similarities at every turn, which is still continuing today. It was sudden, and crazy, but we know with absolute certainty that this will be forever. Kindred spirits, soul mates. There's no denying it. The similarities, the comfort we find in one another, the deepest unexplainable connection we share. Being with him makes me realize why it never worked with anyone else, for real. No fantasy. And he feels the same way. It feels like we were born for each other.

We have had our children all spend time together which went well, as we both expected it to go. And we are moving quickly on moving in together. And the big news - we ran off to Colorado and got married on August 30th! Because face it, life is too short and unexpected things happen, and neither one of us wanted to waste time getting wrapped up in overthinking and hesitation over something we both know will certainly last the rest of our lifetime. We had a very private ceremony - only the 2 of us, and later on will throw a wedding for all of our friends and family... likely on our 1- or 2-year anniversary.

The trip was great! I had never been to Colorado, and Jarrod hadn't been in many years. We drove there and back, and stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast called Meadow Creek Mountain Lodge. It's just southwest of Denver. The bed and breakfast had a hot tub, a heavenly king sized bed, and the owner was a pretty great guy too, and made a wonderful breakfast for us. We were able to run around Denver a bit and shop for our rings, and have supper there in Denver. Then we enjoyed alone time and slept in before we had to head back to Iowa.

We have both agreed to put this blog post out there for the public because we both know there will be people in our lives who will not understand why we would move so fast, or make such a crazy, bold, impulsive decision. We are both very aware that is what we are doing. But we are here to say that it is OUR decision to make, and we would love your support and understanding, whether or not you understand our reasoning. We are very thrilled with our decision, and don't regret a thing!