Welcome to The Healing Hippie (aka HippieMom.blog), my little corner of the internet. Within these pages you can learn about me and my family, and read about the last few years of my life within my blog posts. I write about a little bit of everything... when something big happens in my world, when I have been lost in thought about something, or when I just have nothing better to do. I share little bits of my life, and the life of my family, through my writings.

So... who am I?

My name is Summer. I am a 40-something married mom. I have 3 kids from a previous marriage, and 3 step daughters, all of which are grown or nearly grown. My husband and I also have a son together, Felix, who is 3 years old. My husband works full time and I stay home with Felix and do DoorDash on occasion. You can learn more about my family by looking at the "photos" page.

  • I am a hippie at heart, as my blog title may suggest. I love nature and Mother Earth, and want the best for humanity, though I don't think the rest of humanity really cares for themselves most of the time.

  • I have been through a lot in my life, and was diagnosed with cPTSD in 2022. I'm working my way through therapy to heal from my past trauma, and become the best me I can be.

  • I'm a Big Billy Strings enthusiast, and got into his music after Felix became obsessed with watching his YouTube videos. Check out my YouTube for videos from the shows I've been to (2, so far).

  • I'm a supporter of self-expression, and I'm heavily tattooed. I've had just about every hair style and color possible, and currently have dreadlocks. I used to have quite a few piercings but I only wear a couple of them nowadays.

  • I have always practiced attachment parenting: baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. Our youngest still sleeps with us, and breastfed until he was about 29 months old.

  • I’m not into organized religion but I’m spiritual/scientific.

  • I’m very left-leaning in terms of politics, but I don’t like to incorporate a lot of political topics into my blog for obvious reasons.

  • I was born female and identify as female, but I’m very much a tomboy. My sexuality is simply "not straight."

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I hope to seeya around!

September 24, 2022